Quality and Nutrition

Over 90% of our dishes are homemade. This means that we can produce them using quality ingredients that have been sourced locally wherever possible (see our local food suppliers map below). All ingredients we use are checked to ensure out standards are met and for their suitability for special diets. There is no Monosodium Glutamate in our ingredients and no Genetically Modified food on our menu.


We put emphasis on sourcing environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced foods. Our fruit and vegetable suppliers work with local growers to make the most of seasonality. These factors are supported by our menu holding the Silver Food for Life Catering Mark awarded by the Soil Association.

A few other things you might find interesting about our ingredients:

  • The meat that we use is farm assured ensuring animal welfare, food safety, UK origin and low food miles.

  • We only use free range eggs.

  • Fish serves is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.

  • We support the ‘5 a day’ campaign and use local growers where possible.

  • A percentage of the meat we purchase is organic.

  • City Catering has its own policies for Additives, MSG and Nuts to ensure that strict standards are adhered to at all times.

  • Allergen information is available for all dishes served.

Policies and Supplier Map

We are committed to helping our customers move towards a better diet, yet understand that they do not just eat food for its nutritional value, but also for enjoyment. We also do not to use foods which contain certain additives or ingredients which have been found to have an adverse effect on a percentage of the population. City Catering will not knowingly use any genetically modified materials in the provision of school meals. All products and ingredients are also checked by our Healthier Eating Facilitator to ensure that they do not contain nuts or nut products as an added ingredient. Please see the policies below for more details.

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