Partnership Working

We recognise the importance of networking and creating partnerships both inside and outside our own organisation. This is essential to establish the best outcomes for children in relation to food and health.


We work with:


Sustainable Food Cities

National Partnership – City Catering is part of ‘Good Food Stoke’, which has worked together to produce the submission for Stoke to become a ‘Sustainable Food City’.

Healthy Weight Alliance

This is run by Stoke City Council’s Public Health Department. City Catering is part of the Healthy Weight Alliance.

Food for Life (Silver mark holder)

The Food for Life programme is all about transforming food culture – making healthy, tasty and nutritious meals the norm for all to enjoy.


Soil Association

The UK's leading food and farming charity and organic certification body -  working to save our soils and make good food the easy choice for everyone.



LACA (Lead Association for Catering in Education) is the voice of the school meals industry.



The Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) is a networking community that assists local authorities who are striving to improve their frontline services.

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