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We believe that food plays an important part in the school day. By providing pupils with a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal we help to support their learning and development during the day.

Our dedicated team, some of whom are based in school, work hard to ensure that we deliver a range of meals each school day which will be enjoyed by your child. Our staff are also all fully trained and DBS cleared.

Eating in company helps to develop social skills so we aim to give all pupils the opportunity to have a school meal. For those with special medical dietary requirements the menu can be adapted to suit individual needs.


We aim to offer similar options where possible so that pupils appear to be eating the same foods. We take pride in serving all of our meals on Staffordshire manufactured plates and bowls, supporting the City’s pottery heritage.


The health and wellbeing of pupils is and always will be our main focus, this is supported by us being locally based nonprofit making business.

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