Nutrition Advice and Talks

Food and Nutrition talks can be arranged for primary and high school aged students.

Primary talks usually centre on the Eat Well Plate and learning where specific foods fit into the five food groups. This is seen as a an opportunity to show foods (particularly fruit and vegetables) that students may not have necessarily come across, and getting them to understand what they are, how they can be used, try them and learn which food group they fit into.

High school talks consist of show and tell sessions and activities. Students are encouraged to read and understand food labels. Popular food and drink items can be shown alongside a physical display of what they contain for example; fat and sugar. This can help students have a better understanding of what they are consuming and contribute towards better lifestyle choices.

We also provide advice to parents of nursery aged children. Our visual demonstrations can make the transition to eating at school easier for both the parents and the child. Parents have the opportunity to find out more about our ingredients, dishes and policies and the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes from our menu - we can also provide advice regarding fussy eating habits.

To find out more about either tasters or demonstrations please get in touch.

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